Watching Humpback Whales in Samana

You can find the Humpback Whales snuggled up close together in the midst of the lavish mountains.

Along the Northeast coast, of the Dominican Republic, Samana Bay boasts some the most tranquil and untouched beaches, along with the most stunning turquoise waters in the Caribbean.

That is not all the bay has to offer. Wildlife protection organizations estimate that approximately 3,000 Humpback Whales that migrate every year, 80 percent of which travel between 2000 to 4,000 miles to Samana Bay to court and give birth, making it one of the best places in the world for whale watching. Humpback whales migrate seasonally from the tropics to their northern feeding grounds, and during the summer months, they must feed intensely in preparation for this migration. They hunt cooperatively using the ‘bubble net’ strategy where several whales circle underwater emitting a stream of bubbles, which trap fish within an air ring, the whales can then gorge on the contents of their ‘net’. These magnificent whales renowned for their acrobatic, aerial breaching, and their beautiful yet complex songs, performed by males during courtship.

This truly is a spectacular sight, to see these lovely creatures and witness their unique behavioral patterns that so characteristic of the Humpback Whales as a species. Because of their playful antics, Humpback Whales are considered one of the most active whale species in the world, which makes them the most interesting members of the whale family for whale watching.

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