The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic
When does a country or vacation destination become more than just a place to visit?  The answer is when such a place offers you so much more than you imagined.   Of course you already knew that the Dominican Republic offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean.  You also knew it was one of the most affordable travel or vacation destinations as well.   But did you know it also offers lush breeze filled mountains and the option of cool temperate climates apart from the stereotypical beach resort scene?  In fact, there is a section of the country that has been called the Alps of the Caribbean, complete with mountain ferns and pine trees.  Of course, for many people, life is a beach and for those that simply want a relaxing time of sun and sand – the Dominican Republic has well over 30  plus beachfront resorts to choose from.
But did you also know it also offers some of the most cosmopolitan cities in the entire Caribbean as well?  For those people that prefer a more urban lifestyle (but without the cold weather)  there is Santo Domingo, the capital, with close to 4 million inhabitants and all the things one would expect  – theater, ballet, restuarants, cultural events, upscale shopping, new modern shopping malls,  high speed DSL internet access, cable television with over 15 stations in English plus much, much more…. Do you prefer the cooler temperatures of the mountains?   Consider the second largest city, Santiago de los Caballeros, containing roughly 1 million inhabitants, but with the same kinds of stores and services found in the capital.
Just like the very first European Tourist, Christopher Columbus, you may discover that not only is the Dominican Republic a beautiful place to vacation, but it may also be a destination you might consider relocating to as well, click here to view many Dominican republic real estate listings
interesting fact

Area: 48,730 sq km – Located on the Second Largest Island in the Caribbean, Hispanola
Population: 8.71 million
People: 73% mixed, 16% European descent, 11% African descent
Official Language: Spanish
Religion: 95% Roman Catholic
National Currency: Dominican Peso
Constitutional Democracy – Government copied from US system (President elected every 4 years, Senate, Congress)
Current President: President Leonel Fernández
GDP: US$43.7 billion
GDP per capita: US$5,400
Banking Details: Dominican Peso, US Dollar, Euro Accounts offered by most major banks.  No Exchange Controls.  Unrestricted money exchange between the peso and most major North-American, European Currencies.
Major Industries: Tourism, Telecommunications, Banking, Free Zone Manufacturing, Textiles,  Gold and Ferro-Nickel, Cement, Sugar, Rice, Tobacco.
Tourism Details: 80% European, 20% North America
Major Investors:
Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Japan, and Taiwan.

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  1. Spencer says:

    I love the Dominican Republic! It is my favourite Caribbean holiday destination. I especially love the food and the beaches and the weather is usually great too!

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