Dominican airports ready for 10 million tourists: Contractor

Monika Infante, the executive director of the Airports management company Aerodom, announced that the terminals under contract are ready to receive 10 million tourists this year as president Danilo Medina announced on February 27th.
“We have the structures, services and security necessary to ensure that the President receives not just 10 million tourists, but a much higher number.” she said.
She said Aerodom has fulfilled the first phase of the contract to manage the six national airports with investments of more than RD$1.0 billion, and that over 7,000 regular and charter flights arrive through the Las Americas, Luperon, Catey and La Isabela airports monthly, bringing hundreds of thousands of tourists.
Speaking during Aerodom’s luncheon for reporters held at Las Americas to mark journalists’ day, Infante said the company has complied fully with the contract, expanding and remodeling all airports. “We’ve concluded the first phase of this agreement, refurbishing, expanding and building new areas, with investments exceeding one billion pesos.”


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Farmers might have found why the Caribbean’s biggest lake gets bigger

The unexplained growth of Lago Enriquillo, the Caribbean’s biggest lake, is a strange phenomenon.
But local farmers from the town of Puerto Escondido, could have revealed the main reason behind
this puzzle.
Unfortunately, the appearance of a stream of subsurface water which is flooding their farmland full of crops, and has driven them to the brink of despair.
Since the 1980s, the forests of the area of Puerto Escondido, some of which is part of the Sierra de Bahoruco National Park, have been leveled to make way for crops.
Also, a similar operation took place in the forests of the Sierra de Neyba National Park, north of Lago Enriquillo.
Sierra de Bahoruco National Park forms part of the Jaragua-Enriquillo-Bahoruco Biosphere Reserve, one of the planet’s most privileged classifications issued by UN-UNESCO.
The farmers spokesman Jose Altagracia listed damaged crops of beans, tomatoes and others from the spring and asked the various government agencies to look into the “phenomenon” because the water “is killing crops.”

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Tips for Painting your Home’s Exterior

Few home-maintenance projects are as important as exterior painting because a nice paint job will enhance the
curb appeal and resale value of your home.

You should repair and repaint your home as soon as you notice paint starting to crack, blister and peel. If you
choose to ignore these warning signs for too long you will end up with a much more extensive and expensive job.

Here are some painting tips every home owner should know whether you are planning to carry the work out yourself
or hire a professional.

Paint options

There are two basic types of exterior paint: water-based latex and oil-based alkyd. Latex cleans up with soap
and water, dries quickly, has minimal odor and remains flexible longer so is therefore less likely to crack.

Alkyd paints need shite spirit for cleanup, however many professional painters favor alkyd paint because it’s
long lasting and stain-resistant, the paint flows smoother and dries with fewer brush marks. However, alkyd
paints do have a very strong smell and take more time to dry.

Read the label

Not many homeowners read the label of a paint tin, however they really should. there is a huge amount of
information printed right on the tin that can help you to achieve a good paint job. Ensure that you read all the
instructions about preparing the surface and outdoor air temperature. Most paints shouldn’t be applied when the
temperature is 50 degrees Fahrenheit or colder, however there are some paints that are specifically formulated
for application when the temperature is as low as 35.

Prep the surface

The surfaces must be cleaned so they are free of all dirt, grime, mildew and chalky residue so that the paint
adheres. A power sprayer provides the easiest way to accomplish this, but hand scrubbing with a hard brush can
be just as effective.

I is a good idea to use a hammer to tap in nails and then fill the holes with putty for exterior use. Once the
putty is dry, sand it down until it is flush with the surface.

Painting over the old paint on a surface is ok as long as it is in good condition. Make sure you sand any spots
that have blistered or flaked off and prime any bare wood before painting.

Brush or roller?

The easiest and fastest way to apply exterior paint is with a roller and a paintbrush. You can brush paint onto
narrow areas and edges and use a roller which is short with a small diameter to paint the larger and longer

Start in the shade

It is not a good idea to paint surfaces in direct sunlight as it will dry too quickly which means it will not
adhere properly and will blister and flake prematurely. So begin painting on the shady side of the house. If the
surface is damp, wipe it dry. Then wait for the sun to move and the other sides of the house to become shaded —
or just paint on an overcast day.

Start from the top

Begin painting at the top of the house and work your way down, apply paint to the bottom edge of the siding
first and then paint the large surfaces. Always brush from one wet surface to another so that you can avoid lap
marks and if this is not possible you should paint onto a previously painted area which has dried overlapping
the surface by several inches.

As you will be working high up, you must also remember basic ladder safety rules: Don’t reach too far to the side
of you may topple over. Try to keep your hips within the horizontal rails of the ladder, remember its much safer
to climb down and l=move the ladder and climb back up than risk falling. Since you’ll be working high up, don’t
forget basic ladder safety: Don’t reach too far to the side or you might topple over. Try to keep your hips
within the horizontal rails of the ladder. It’s much smarter to climb down, move the ladder and climb back up
than to risk falling.

Painting the exterior of a home is just one of those jobs most people don’t want to start, however if you follow
these simple tips the job will be much easier than you first anticipated.

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Residential villa for sale in Sosua

This is an exciting three bedroom two and a half bathroom villa, full of rich and vibrant Mediterranean colours.


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Tricom Launches $g LTE

Telecable de Tricom has commercially launched 4G LTE services on the local market. For the Dominican Republic, this promises the fastest network connectivity for mobile communications. 4G LTE is currently the fastest 4G available.
In theory, 4G LTE should be fast enough to stream Internet videos without having to endure buffering, and potentially allows users to download HD videos in a matter of minutes. Tricom marketing director Rafael Melo says that the connection speeds will be 50-70 MB, adding that Tricom provides the largest 4G LTE coverage in the country. He explained that customers can access Tricom’s 4G LTE network using a USB modem or MiFi device, in combination with prepaid or postpaid data tariffs.
The network will initially cover the National District, the Santiago metropolitan area, Haina, La Romana, Casa de Campo, Bayahibe and San Cristobal, to be gradually expanded across the country by year-end. To access the new network, a 4G-enabled phone is required.

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Call to Eat More Fruit and Veg

Despite the severe drought that has been affecting the Dominican Republic for the last few months, the Ministry of Agriculture has announced that there will be an abundance of fruit, vegetables, root vegetables and salad produce on the market stalls this Easter Week.
During Easter Week people traditionally make sweet beans, using beans, sweet potatoes, milk cookies, cassava bread, raisins, cloves and milk, all of which are readily available.
The Minister of Agriculture, Luis Ramon Rodriguez, is advising people to eat a large quantity of fresh fruit and salad to prevent the dehydration that can happen as a result of the high temperatures usually experienced at this time of year.
Traditionally at this time of year the main fruits available are cherries, papaya, grapefruit, sapote and avocados. As well as those mentioned above, the markets are full of celery, coriander, oregano, spinach, green bananas, pineapple, medlar, watermelon, melon, sweet lemon, guava, oranges, tamarind, passion fruit and coconut. Vegetables available include cucumber, tomatoes, chayote, eggplant and lettuce.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Bathroom Suite for you

Bathroom suites come in a wide range of styles from the modern to more traditional designs, so you

will be able to create your perfect bathroom regardless of its size or shape. Bathroom suites also

come with a variety of bath styles such as corner baths, shower baths, freestanding baths and

straight baths, so you can be sure you will be able to bathe in complete comfort.

Having trouble deciding between and bath or shower enclosure?

If you are tight on space or simply cannot decide between a shower and a bath, then a bathroom

suite with a shower bath will the best option. Shower baths feature an innovative design that

allows you to combine bathing and showering in the same space and you will not have the problem of

having to choose between a bath or a shower enclosure.

Have a small bathroom?

If you have a smaller bathroom you can find suites that have been perfectly designed for compact

spaces. These types of bathrooms feature basins and toilets on a much smaller scale to help make

the most of the available space. Wall-mounted items are perfect for small bathrooms also as they

help to provide the illusion of more floor space.

Looking for something different?

Bathroom suites with corner baths are perfect if you have an odd shapoed bathroom, but can also

provide a different alternative to a straight bath. You can purchase corner baths in a rqange of

different sizes and they all feature plenty of space for a relaxing soak.

Create the feeling of luxury

If you want to create the feeling of a luxury bathroom, a bathroom suite with a freestanding bath

is ideal. Freestanding baths are available in both contemporary and traditional designs and provide

you with the perfect way to relax and unwind after a long day.

Buying a complete bathroom suite package for your home is a great way to not only save money but

ensures that you achieve a fully coordinating look too. Before buying a new bathroom suite think

about the look and feel that you want to create and ensure that you measure the room accurately.

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Second line of the Metro to open Monday

The director of the Santo Domingo Metro office, Diandino Pena, has announced today at the Presidential Palace, that the first part of the second line of the Metro will be in operation as from Monday, 1st April.
President Danilo Medina had announced that the second line of the Metro would go into operation on 30 March, but since this falls on an Easter holiday the start was postponed for the first working day in April.
He added that the government has a RD$200 million debt with contractors, but it has been agreed that payments would be made starting in April. He made the announcement after meeting the Minister of the Presidency Gustavo Montalvo. The new line will enable passengers to be transported from Av. Luperon to Av. Duarte with Quinto Centenario bridge.

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1 April & 12 pools for Guibia Beach area

In a recent announcement, the National District City Government outlined its plans to turn the stretch of the Malecon seafront boulevard between Jose Maria Heredia Street and Maximo Gomez Avenue, into a huge artificial beach and pool area for the Easter holidays.
The Easter holiday long weekend, is religiously observed by many Dominicans as well as being the traditional time to hit the beaches in other parts of the country. Now, for city dwellers who cannot afford to go away, the city government is bringing the beach and pool to the city for all to enjoy.
Twelve gigantic plastic pools are being installed, with 1,500 cubic meters of sand and at least 90,000 gallons of water to create a holiday ambiance in the Guibia area. The area will be closed off to traffic from Wednesday afternoon, 27th March for the installation of the pools, and they will be open to the public on Thursday, 28thMarch.

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Villa for sale in Las Canas

This spacious modern beachfront villa for sale is located in Las Canas in quiet area, a short distance away from the center of Gaspar Hernandez.


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