Discover Puerto Plata 2013 slated for October

Following the success of its first edition last October, Puerto Plata is once again hosting Discover POP International Fair, which aims to promote Puerto Plata to the local and international tourism markets.
Puerto Plata will be promoted as the most complete and diversified Caribbean destination.
The event is scheduled to take place from Wednesday 16th to Friday 18th October 2013.
The country boasts some of the world’s best golf courses and beaches, the largest marinas in the Caribbean and is a chosen escape for celebrities, couples and families.
A leader in eco-tourism, the Dominican Republic created the world’s first Whale Sanctuary and has established protection zones for more than 20 percent of its land and coastal areas.
It is a country rich in history, the Dominican Republic’s first tourist was Christopher Columbus in 1492. Since then, it has developed into the diverse and luxurious destination it is today.

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Downsize Your Home

Have your kids flown the nest? Do you feel like you are rattling around your home? Do you want to reduce your utility bills? Although moving from a home that you have lived in for many years and possible brought up your family in can be difficult emotionally, there are ways to create a more suitable affordable living space within smaller homes, here are 5 tips to help you choose the perfect home when you are downsizing.

Think about which rooms you can do without

Before you begin searching for a your smaller home, sit with the family and make a list of what you like and dislike about your current home. Which rooms do you use a lot? Which spaces and pieces of furniture just collect dust? A good rule to use is the 6 times a year rule. Think about each room in your home and if you use them less than 6 times a year it is probable that you can do without them.

While you are thinking about your living space, choose which rooms you could use for more than one purpose. If you work at home and require a home office, a good idea is to put a small sofa sleeper or small bed in your office in your new home for when you have guests visiting. If you enjoy hosting dinner parties, you do not need to have a formal dining room in your new home, why not put a table in the kitchen and create a casual dining space.

Consider Purchasing Multi-use Furniture

When you have decided which rooms you can shed without affecting your way of life, consider the furniture you may need. Multi-use pieces like sofa sleepers, bunkbeds, nests of tables and coffee tables with drawers are saving graces when living in smaller spaces

If you have large pieces of furniture which are impractical – donate or sell them. If you are moving to a smaller home because your kids have left home, it will not be necessary to have so much furniture. Before you move, tell the kids to take what they want from their old rooms and also offer them any furniture which you will no longer be using in your new home.

Once you have decided on the furniture you want to keep, measure all larger pieces and when you are viewing homes take a measure with you so you can be sure it will all fit in rooms and through the doorways etc..

Good Design is Essential

In a small living space, design is especially important. Look closely at the storage space in any potential new home you look at. There are many older houses that do not have bedroom closets so you will need to bring space saving wardrobes or an extra dresser.

Don’t rule out homes which have little closet space, think about the possibility of building shelves and getting under bed storage boxes for seasonal clothes. If you are looking to move into an apartment, ask if there is storage space available to use within the building. It is important to explore all the options and to keep an open mind before you rule a place out.

Look at how much light comes into any property you view as light will make any small space look bigger. If there is outdoor living space this adds to a property and gives the feeling of a bigger home.

Choose a Place You Have Always Wanted to Live

The money you will save when moving from a bigger home, may mean that you are able to move to the place you have always wanted to live in. Look at all locations to see what is available to you within your price range.

Personal Space

Regardless of how small you decide to go, don’t forget that you will still need personal space, one of the main complaints from those who have already made the move is that they feel like they are constantly in someones way. Everyone has their own ideas of what personal space is to them and it is difficult to adjust to a smaller home at first. Be patient and you will all get used to it.

Regardless of how small, ensure that you have a place of your own in your new home, it doesn’t need to be a whole room – even just an armchair tucked away where you can read and have some quiet time will be perfect.

Downsizing is always a daunting process when you are used to having a large family home filled with people, however there are many positives to downsizing and it will not take long to adjust once you have found the perfect home for you.

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Puerto Plata to host Golf Channel’s Latin American Cup

The seventh annual Latin American Championship are to be held in May, from the 21st to the 24th at the Playa Dorada links, in Puerto Plata. The Playa Dorada Golf Club, the Playa Dorada Hotels Association and the Tourism Ministry are sponsoring the tournament.
Distinguished guests attending the press conference at the Hotels and Tourism Association offices included, Playa Dorada Golf Club president Miguel Jimenez Messon, Playa Dorada Hotels Association president Roberto Casoni, tournament Dominican Republic representative Edwin Guerra, Fedogolf president Juan Cohen, ASONAHORES executive vice president Arturo Villanueva and CICOM president Manuel Quiterio Cedeno.
Before the tournament begins, the five players who will represent the Dominican Republic in the Championship will be selected on May 4th, at Playa Dorada Golf Club.

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European Investment Bank Caribbean office set to move to the Dominican Republic

The European Investment Bank for the Caribbean, will move location to the Dominican Republic. The agreement was signed in Brussels today by Ambassador Alejandro Gonzalez Pons on behalf of the Government of the Dominican Republic and Pim van Ballekom, European Investment Bank Vice President responsible for lending in the Caribbean.
“The European Investment Bank has a strong commitment to the Caribbean and supporting economic growth and job creation across the region. We greatly appreciate the offer of hospitality from the Dominican Republic demonstrated by the new host country agreement signed today and look forward to increasing engagement from a more strategic location in the Caribbean,” said Pim van Ballekom.”
The new offices will be located with the European Union Delegation in Santo Domingo. “The European Union Representation to the Dominican Republic looks forward to welcoming European Investment Bank colleagues to Santo Domingo and working together to support investment in the region,” said Irene Horejs, EU Ambassador to the Dominican Republic.

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Ocean Front Investment Dominican Republic

This amazing ocean front investment property on Cofresi Beach in the Dominican Republic offers both residential and commercial real estate investment opportunities. This property is perfectly located just twenty feet from the world famous Ocean World adventure park marina


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Top Tips for Pool Maintenance

Installing a pool in your home means that you will have many fun times ahead making lots of great summer memories and you might even want to work away those extra christmas pounds by hitting the water and doing a few laps. Although, while these options are very exciting, owning a pool does also come with responsibilities, with water acting as a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria and a range of other factors which can make your pool an unhygienic or unsafe area. It is important to look after maintenance as a priority, don’t fret – pool maintenance is not a big deal and wont take up that much of your time, however if you want to truly make the most of your backyard pool it is something that is vital. Stop by your local pool supply store and make friends with the assistants so that you can get some good advice.

Here are some maintenance tips that you should always remember:

1. Water and Chemicals

To keep the water in your pool hygienically clean and safe for swimming, there are several chemicals that will help you, chlorine is the first and most recognized that will need to go into your pool as part of your maintenance. Chlorine is basically used to keep your pool clean and to break down and remove any build up of bacteria and algae – which of course you don’t want to swim around in, and you definitely don’t want your kids in. Sanitise your pool with chlorine regularly, and keep a check on the levels so you know it is safe for swimming.

As well as chlorine levels, you should also keep a check on the pH levels in your pool – this is the measure of acidity or alkalinity. The water should be more a little more alkaline (slightly) as chlorine works most effective this way. As well as impacting chlorine, more alkaline water is better matched to our own skin and also means pool equipment won’t be damaged.

2. Keep it Clean

Your skimmer basket and pool filter are your best friends when it comes to keeping your water clean. Your skimmer basket will collect leaves and other debris that falls into the water. Make sure you check and empty it regularly to keep your pool is as clean as possible. In addition, use a leaf net to rake up anything remaining and clean your tiles regularly.

3. Other Pool Additions

Besides the chlorine and pH levels that are commonly known, if you are a new pool owner you may want to go to your local pool accessories store for other treatments which will ensure further cleanliness and the long life of your pool. You will need to add Algae preventatives regularly to control algae contaminants. Bare in mind that some of these additives can damage your tiles, so ask a professional and spend that little bit extra to get a good quality one that does no damage. Your filter system will have trouble getting rid of small particles on the surface, such as metal particles, which are often found. A ‘metal out’ chemical will help to eliminate these and finally a water clarifier should be added to ensure the water is not cloudy.

4. Keep an Eye on the Weather

The other big factor in your pool maintenance to be aware of is the weather. Storms of any kind, especially dust storms, will leave your pool very dirty, and maintenance should be undertaken immediately. To decrease the amount of damage incurred, consider getting a pool cover and keeping the water under wraps when not in use.

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Five Dominicans among Latin America’s top 100 businesswomen

Five Dominican women have been included in a new ranking of of Latin America’s Top 100 Businesswomen.
The women named were, Isabel Turull, CEO of Agape, which has franchises for Burger King, Papa John’s and Krispy Kreme and owns the Palacio del Cine chain; Elena Viyella, president of Inter-Quimica; Darys Estrella, vice president of corporate sustainability at Grupo Vicini; Mercedes Canalda de Beras-Goico, executive vice president of Banco ADOPEM and Ligia Bonetti, vice president of business at MercaSID, which distributes products from Kellogg’s, Kimberly Clark, Hershey’s, Haagen Dazs, General Mills and Novartis.
The ranking also features Adriana Cisneros, the vice-chairman of the Cisneros Group and the Chief Executive Officer of Tropicalia, a high-end, environmentally and socially responsible, tourism real-estate development.
From the Dominican Republic, two leaders were singled out by the report. Bonetti in her capacity as president of the industrialist association and Maribel Gasso, the president of the powerful Santo Domingo Chamber of Commerce.

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New app allows golfers to visit Teeth of the Dog golf course

Casa de Campo has been selected on four occasions as the Best Golf Resort in the Caribbean by the Caribbean version of the WorldTravelAwards.
Now, thanks to a new application designed by the Golf Digest/Golf World magazine and Casa de Campo resort allows golf lovers to visit the “Teeth of the Dog” golf course, named the best in the Dominican Republic.
The application allows the visitor to virtually tour the golf course, with specific stops at each hole, tee boxes, fairways and greens, the roads used by golf carts, landscaping, the nearby Caribbean Sea and sand traps.
“Teeth of the Dog” was built by legendary architect Pete Dye and it currently occupies the 22nd slot in the magazine’s ranking system.
The application also includes “Camp Info” and “Tee Times”, which connects directly with the reservations desk.

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Mansion for sale in Cabarete

This is the ultimate in luxury real estate in the Dominican Republic. Located close to Cabarete this spectacular villa is one of the most unique pieces of Cabarete real estate for sale in the area. Situated next to the lot is one of the largest and oldest ‘Ceiba’ trees on the island making this one of the most sought after properties for sale in the Caribbean.


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Top Tips for Reducing Waste at Home

Preservation of the environment is currently a hot topic, and while recycling is a part of the solution for saving landfill space and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the best option is to prevent or reduce the amount of waste that is generated in the first place. There are many things homeowners can do to reduce the waste they produce in their homes and help to protect the environment. Here are a few tips to help you along the road to reducing waste:

Reduce – Buy less small packages. Although individually wrapped packages and drinks are convenient, they are also wasteful. when you buy in bulk you will save money and you will have less packaging to dispose of. If you really like the idea of individually wrapped servings, you can always use small reusable containers to divide up the bulk product.

Reuse – You don’t have to throw out plastic tubs after you have used their contents, why not use them to store leftovers in. The containers can be used several times and when you do finally have to throw them out, you will know that you are recycling them after you have used them as much as you can.

Say No To Bags – Instead of choosing between plastic or paper bags, don’t use a bag. If you are only buying a few items you may be able to carry them, try putting small items on pockets or purses and if you are getting a lot, take a backpack with you or any other type of reusable bag. There will be no need to recycle bags if you don’t use them in the first place.

Reusable Containers – Buy reusable containers, such as water bottles and travel mugs. Instead of buying individual bottles of water which you will end up recycling or coffee cups that get thrown out, buy reusable ones. You can wash them out every day and refill them when you want them. Some stores, will let you bring your own containers to purchase things like fresh peanut butter, honey, olive oil, and flour (just to name a few).

If you are interested in reducing waste but didn’t know where to start. These are just a few ways that you can help to reduce waste in your home and help to reduce your environmental impact.

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