Dominican Republic Peninsula Great for Beach Living

Located just under two hours from the capital of San Domingo, Las Terrenas is particularly attractive for anyone looking for the perfect place to buy a beach home.
Apartments can be found for as little as $80,000, while a new luxury townhouse can be yours for $165,000.
All of these properties have superb rental potential, and the purchasers will find they can offset any costs by renting it when it’s not in use.
If you have preconceptions about the Dominican Republic, put them to one side. Particularly about the Samana peninsula and Las Terrenas.
This time of year the weather is perfect. Mornings start with temperatures in the mid 70s. Perfect for long walks on the beach, while in the afternoon it warms up to the mid 80s.
An excellent new road means that Las Terrenas is now only an hour and forty five minutes from the capital Santa Domingo. The views over the water are stunning as you approach town on the new road. Flights come from North America to the El Catay airport 25 minutes from town.
As you can see, Las Terrenas on the Samana peninsula is a little piece of paradise, and a great place to have a beach home.

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