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accompanied by a delegation of 30 diplomats and businessmen, met with Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials, and local business leaders on Tuesday in Tel Aviv. The reason behind the visit was to discuss ways the two countries can increase trade and commerce, “We are working on how to advance trade and create synergies,” he said. The meetings were part of the 10-day Middle East tour of the President that took him to Jordan, Palestine, and now to Israel.

Almost 100 Israeli companies were represented at the meeting on Tuesday, the institute said. “Many Israeli companies would like to do business in the Dominican Republic,” David Arzi, the institute’s chairman, said on Tuesday. An Israeli business delegation with representatives from the hi-tech, biotechnology and communications sectors, is planning to visit the Dominican Republic in October, he said. The Dominican Republic is primarily interested in energy and water technologies, he added.

President Fernandez went on to say, he attended the conference interested in sharing ideas, information and world outlook. From there he hoped to adapt them and implement what was learned at home for the greater good of the people. He also highlighted the networking, learning process, and the opportunity to express solidarity with Israel and strengthen diplomatic relationships with Israel.



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